Tips for crafting an effective customer onboarding methodology

Customer onboarding has been mostly a reactive process for businesses. Here's how you can change that for yours.
October 14, 2021
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Krishna Kumar

There’s always room for improvement in your customer onboarding experience. Onboarding has been mostly a reactive process for businesses. What customers need are more proactive onboarding teams.

In this Gainsight Pulse talk, Rocketlane's co-founder and CEO Srikrishnan Ganesan shares ten areas of your customer onboarding process that you can improve right away. In under 15 minutes, you’ll learn how to:

  1. Craft an effective customer onboarding plan
  2. Make customer onboarding better overall
  3. Take your existing customer onboarding journey to the next level

Discussion/Reflection Questions

Nothing like taking the time to reflect/debrief on what you’ve learnt!

Here are some prompts that can get you started on applying these tips to your customer onboarding methodology.

  1. Does your customer onboarding team adhere to your onboarding process? If not, which tasks/activities are skipped most?
  2. Do your customers display accountability during their onboarding?
  3. Where in the onboarding process do your customers need multiple follow-ups?
  4. Can your customer onboarding projects have value-based goals? What would they look like?
  5. Can you segment your customers based on their needs, tech-savviness, industry expertise, size, etc.?
  6. How can you get your customers to prioritize their onboarding if they are juggling multiple priorities?
  7. Pick a past customer onboarding project. How would things have played out differently if you’d applied the 70:30 rule?
  8. Have an upcoming customer onboarding project? Can you incorporate a pre-kickoff meeting?
  9. Can you have first value delivery as a goal? What would that look like?

More resources

  1. The Customer Onboarding Maturity Model
  2. Implementation Stories from Preflight
  3. Customer onboarding resources from Rocketlane
  4. The Launch Station - a podcast for all things customer onboarding

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Kirthika Soundararajan
Head - Content Marketing @ Rocketlane

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