Expert strategies for effective implementation and service packaging

Discover Jeff Kushamerek's proven methods for successful implementations and packaging. Read more!
April 24, 2023
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In his insightful presentation at Propel23, Jeff Kushmerek shares his expertise and best practices for how companies can package their implementation process as an offering. With these strategies, businesses can enhance their implementation processes, optimize revenue generation, and improve overall customer satisfaction.

The purpose and benefits of packaging implementations

Jeff emphasizes that packaging implementation is a strategic approach aimed at standardizing and streamlining the implementation process. By defining clear deliverables, companies can avoid the pitfalls of excessive customization. This approach offers several benefits, including improved operational efficiency, increased revenue, and better customer experience.

Common challenges during implementations

major challenge stems from the misconception surrounding professional services. To counter this, Jeff suggests avoiding the use of the term "professional services" and instead, emphasizing the well-defined and repeatable nature of implementations.
Other challenges include the negative perception associated with customizations and scoping professional services appropriately.

Pricing and packaging strategies

Jeff recommends treating implementations as products and involving product marketing teams to create compelling packages with clearly defined deliverables. Researching competitors' pricing strategies and value offerings can help you gain a competitive advantage. Additionally, he stresses the importance of addressing objections and providing quick answers within the packaging itself, as a way to empower sales teams.

Internal alignment and buy-in

Jeff suggests presenting the packaging to the sales team, highlighting how it can increase revenue without impacting quotas while still being commissionable. Proper segmentation and understanding of customer needs are crucial in determining the pricing and volume of packages. He also recommends streamlining contracts and legal considerations to avoid unnecessary delays.

Finalizing and rolling out the packages

Jeff’s advice is to encourage a focus on iteration and improvement as creating “perfect” packages will take time and effort. Professional tools, templates, and data analysis are key to this process of refining/updating them based on feedback and experience. When it comes to finalizing packages, Jeff recommends aligning them with quarterly goals. 

In conclusion, Jeff’s presentation highlights the key steps involved in packaging implementations, including defining the packaging offer, training the sales team, and emphasizing the value of expert services. Iteration, adjustment, and data analysis should be integral to the ongoing process. 

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