Tejasvini Ramesh

Content Marketer @ Rocketlane
5 ways capacity planning benefits resource and project management
Discover how capacity planning enhances resource utilization in professional services for unmatched efficiency. Explore the 5 benefits that
Customer success qualified lead (CSQL) revenue begins at "I do"
All about the different types of revenue, what it costs to acquire them, CSQLs, and the impact of customer onboarding on the revenue stream.
F1 X Airbnb: Rev up your post-sales org
Learn how to design an exceptional customer onboarding process and optimize customer journeys. Gain inspiration from Airbnb and F1.
PSA Software vs. Project Management Software: Key Differences
Discover the distinctions between PSA software and project management software, and determine which solution suits your business needs.
How professional services automation tools boost efficiency
Maximize productivity in your organization with PSA tools. Discover how PSA streamlines operations and improves team performance.
Strategies for improving your project's profit margin
Discover effective strategies for enhancing project profitability, increasing project margin, maximizing revenue, and boosting your revenue
Creating an organization-wide culture of customer success
Jyo Shukla shares tips on creating an organization-wide focus on customer-centricity and adopting customer success as a strategy.
Crafting a customer onboarding program your customers will love
Learn from Kristi Faltorusso how to create a customer-centric onboarding program that not only scales but also amazes your customers.
Building the business case for investing in client onboarding
Learn how to justify your investment in client onboarding to boost business growth, and maximize ROI.
The critical role of CS Ops in evolving and maturing the customer journey
Sonam Dabholkar discusses the role of CS Ops in evolving the customer journey and gives some sound advice for CS Ops professionals.
A 5-stage customer onboarding process and flow chart (with templates)
See what a customer onboarding process flow chart is and why you need one. Also, discover the five essential stages with templates for each.
Client Management 101: Strategies to build strong client relationships
Learn all about client management, and discover the strategies and tools to deploy for building strong client relationships.
Product updates
Rocketlane x HubSpot: Seamless handoffs and automated project creation
Automate your post-sales handoff and customer onboarding project creation with the Rocketlane x HubSpot integration.
Preflight Conversations
CSM’s role in customer onboarding: Strategy vs. execution
Laura Kightlinger, VP of Customer Success - International at Seismic discusses CSMs balancing between onboarding strategy and execution
Implementation Stories
Customer onboarding best practices from Rocketlane
Vishnu Prasad, Solutions and Onboarding Lead at Rocketlane, shares all the details on the four-pillar approach to customer onboarding.
Product updates
Meet Rocketlane’s Annotations & Proofing for creative projects
Find out how businesses like professional services and marketing agencies can collaborate on digital assets with clients using Rocketlane.
10 insightful customer onboarding statistics for 2023
Explore 10 incredible customer onboarding statistics and eight important metrics to measure customer onboarding experience.
The 4 stages of a world-class customer onboarding process
Find out how to set a customer onboarding process for your onboarding team that can be easily customized for each of your unique customers.
Top 5 videos on customer onboarding from Rocketlane
Discover best practices, unique insights, and new perspectives for customer onboarding through our top 5 video resources of 2022!
Client onboarding playbook for marketing and design agencies
Learn what goes into creating a playbook that sets up the rules of engagement and increases your clients’ retainership with you
RocketlaneXSalesforce = Smooth customer onboarding process
Enable your sales and customer onboarding teams to work in harmony with Rocketlane’s Salesforce integration.
Gainsight Pulse 2022: Our top 10 takeaways
Read all about the insights we took away from Gainsight Pulse 2022, the biggest Customer Success event of the year.
10 project management tools you can use for customer onboarding
Find out which tool suits your onboarding needs, including delegating tasks, mapping dependencies, and providing visibility to stakeholders.

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