Mohana Valli Prabhakar

Marketing Analyst @ Rocketlane & Community Manager, Preflight

Introverted, but willing to discuss books. Follow me on Twitter @Mohanavalli96

Implementation Stories
Effective change management during customer onboarding
The CS Head at Ada Health talked about how change management can aid in getting users to adopt your product before go-live
Customer onboarding: Types, steps, and best practices
Which customer onboarding model should you choose for your company?
Implementation Stories
GetResponse’s customer onboarding playbook
Learn how to choose the right customer onboarding model for your product.
Preflight Conversations
On Creating Successful Customer Onboarding Plans
Leila Tan of Tessian and Kieran Bowker of SafetyCulture talk about creating successful plans and best practices for customer onboarding
Preflight Conversations
11 Takeaways on Customer Onboarding Strategy
Takeaways from Preflight Delhi's Office Hours with Varun Goel, Head of CS at Zendesk
Preflight Conversations
Customer onboarding trends to watch out for
Takeaways from Preflight Chennai's Office Hours with Srikrishnan Ganesan, CEO & Co-founder @ Rocketlane
Preflight Conversations
Setting up a Customer Success Enablement function
Sisira Mallampalli, Manager - Customer Success Enablement & Training @ Whatfix, how a dedicated CS Enablement function can support CS teams
Implementation Stories
When lives are on the line: Customer onboarding under pressure
Meg Lovell of Everbridge on her learnings from high-stress, high impact customer onboarding journeys
Preflight Conversations
Transitioning clients between CSMs
Learn how Customer Success teams can smoothly handle the account transition between CSMs
Preflight Conversations
Resources to share during the customer onboarding journey
Recommendations from Preflighters on what resources to share during customer onboarding.
Preflight Conversations
When to start invoicing customers: before or after implementation?
Is invoicing a touchy subject when you're building customer relationships?
5 ways your customer onboarding can go wrong
These are the top reasons a customer might churn during the onboarding phase
Spreadsheets are killing your customer onboarding process
Read on to know why, and alternatives to spreadsheets for customer onboarding
Is your organization ready to invest in a customer onboarding tool?
Signs your company needs a customer onboarding tool and the steps to invest in a good one
Preflight Conversations
Balancing the human touch and tech in customer onboarding
Renata Kashiwaya Pinheiro, VP-CS at WeGift tells us how CS teams can strike the right balance between tech and the human touch in onboarding
Preflight Conversations
What to do when your sales team overpromises to a customer
So the sales team should’ve said “NO”, but ended up saying “YES!”. What now?
Preflight Conversations
Cracking pre-sale engagement for enterprise customer implementations
Jeff Kushmerek and Andrew Fraser share best practices and plans for acing pre-sales engagements with customers
Preflight Conversations
Managing customer expectations and escalations
We kickstarted Deep Dives, a monthly discussion where experts discuss in-depth an implementation and customer onboarding topic
CS Ops
Building a CS Ops function from scratch
The two talk about setting up the function at Chargebee, the skills required for a CS Ops role, and potential career path
Preflight Conversations
Four strategies to improve product adoption
Tips from Preflight members on how to handle it when your customer's team is slow to adopt your product

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