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Thank You to Our Preflight Community Members!

A gratitude note to members of the Preflight community for making it a great avenue for learning and knowledge exchange
July 23, 2021
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Dear Preflighters,

This is a post dedicated to you :)

2020 was an unusual year for a lot of us. At Rocketlane, as we embarked on building a new business around customer onboarding, I began to see how the challenges, the priorities, the maturity levels, and the solutions around it varied across companies. Leaders often had great ideas and learnings to offer on one aspect of the customer onboarding journey and yet needed to get better on another dimension.

There was much to learn from each of these companies that could also benefit others. This realization led us to create Preflight, a community where you can connect with fellow professionals in Onboarding, Implementation, and CS and share experiences to fill in the gaps for each other. No gimmicks, no incentives. A space for us to learn together. 

And I am excited to say that as of today, we are at 637 members.

I want to take a moment to appreciate the good that has come from this community.

Firstly, a huge thanks to our contributors. Without their fresh and interesting perspectives, Preflight wouldn't have grown to this level. I sincerely appreciate the way they expand our knowledge through their insights and experiences.

A heartfelt thank you to all of our community members for having joined us. Despite the challenges, you’re still here, still engaged, pushing your own learnings, and being a part of this ride. We appreciate you.

It’s fun building and growing this community together - sharing ideas, resources, having our own events to learn from each other. And it’s only possible with people who carry a growth mindset.

To all of us!



Shout out to the following Preflighters for going the extra mile

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Srikrishnan Ganesan
Co-founder, Rocketlane

Love technology and start-ups. Your friendly neighbourhood CX and onboarding enthusiast. Follow me on Twitter @srikrishnang

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