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Collecting feedback on your customer onboarding process

What can your customer success teams use to strategize smooth onboarding?
May 25, 2022
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Identifying bottlenecks is crucial to your customer onboarding journey. Minimizing the possibility of any surprises during onboarding takes you one step closer to successful onboarding.  

Organizations need to adopt the proper collection mechanisms to get the data and feedback right. What can your customer success teams use to strategize smooth onboarding?

In this blog, Preflighters give us insights into picking suitable methodologies. When the questions are right, there is a higher probability of hitting closer to the bullseye in your answers. 

Tami Tirheridge, Product Engagement & Support Lead at Kapiche 

It is helpful to identify and often validate the areas where users experience the most friction or are getting the most stuck when adopting your platform. Including a section about content preferences and content requests can provide invaluable data points as you build out your product content roadmap.

Oliver Tilford, Senior Manager, Implementation at Mindbody 

Customers tend to provide product feedback/suggestions about the implementation and onboarding experience in other open text fields. We’ve recently added a question about product usability, but it doesn’t have a dedicated space for suggestions. Having a dedicated space would surely make reporting and sharing feedback with our product teams much faster. 

Jeff Kushmerek, CEO of Infinite Renewals 

Try to get the Net Promoter Score(NPS) first, then the Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), and balance it with the CSM sentiment. Then blend in usage! Nothing beats calling your customers and asking them about their onboarding and implementation experience. 

Your post-project survey is the baseline. It would be great to track against the post-project survey and set goals/KPIs for improvement.

If you have any additional strategies you want to share, we’d love to have you join Preflight Community and share it with our members!

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