Announcing Rocketlane’s $18M Series A Funding

This marks the start of an exciting new chapter not only for our team, but also for our customers
January 19, 2022
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I am thrilled to share with you today that Rocketlane has raised $18 million in Series A funding. We are officially on the fast lane ourselves!

It’s a significant milestone in our journey towards our North Star: making customer onboarding and customer-facing project execution consistently delightful and professional.

When we started Rocketlane in 2020, it was with the intent to fill in a gaping void in the customer onboarding space: a purpose-built tool that helps make customer onboarding consistent, transparent, and collaborative. 


Our early traction, customer love, and leadership position on G2 validate our product-market fit and the company's direction; the new funding round gives us the firepower to further build upon our substantial foundation with strong partners on our side. 

This marks the start of an exciting new chapter not only for our team but also for our customers—the force that drives us to better our product and how we think about customer experience every day. 

So what do we intend to do with this latest round of funding?

Product innovation

We will continue to invest in product capabilities that help our customers level up in their customer onboarding and collaboration. Some of our key areas of focus include:

  1. Streamlining planning and execution with customers and implementation partners. 
  2. Industry-first features in communication, automation, and productivity 
  3. Internal planning, processes, and team management

Building thought leadership and category education

We will also continue to build our community and events, with the goal being to help customers and professionals level up in onboarding, customer success, and project collaboration. We understand Customer Onboarding is a new function in many companies and is a new category of tools, so we will continue to invest in awareness and educational content like best practices, templates, etc., that can add value to our customers and the community.

Building a global team

Another area of investment for us will be building out a global team that can join us on a mission of educating and empowering businesses worldwide to run better customer-facing projects.

Who’s backing us

As part of the Series A funding round, we welcome 8VC - an investor with a solid understanding of global SaaS and vertical SaaS; they’re a valuable thought partner to add to our journey alongside our existing backers, Matrix Partners India and Nexus Venture Partners. The Rocketlane team is excited to work with them and build this venture.

Taking more moonshots

While we have a robust product for Customer Onboarding today, we envision a future where Rocketlane becomes the de-facto standard for multi-org collaboration and project execution. 

While we craft a bold new vision, we thought we’d leave you with a fun recap of our story so far:

See what Rocketlane can do for you

If you’ve been wondering how to make your customer onboarding better and add to your revenue or how Rocketlane can help you with customer retention, we can help you. Book a demo with me or sign up for a free trial.
This is the beginning of the end of bad implementations. Join us on this journey. We are hiring for GTM roles in US and India and product development in India.

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Srikrishnan Ganesan
Co-founder, Rocketlane

Love technology and start-ups. Your friendly neighbourhood CX and onboarding enthusiast. Follow me on Twitter @srikrishnang

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