S02 Ep. 05: Jan Young on the need for accountability in customer onboarding and product adoption

Jan Young, Principal Consultant at Success League, talks about why accountability is important from customer onboarding to product adoption.
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Our guest for this episode is Jan Young, a top 50 Customer Success influencer. She is currently the principal consultant with the Success League, which offers CSM and leadership training, CS program assessments, and consulting services.

She started her career in project management, moved to marketing and has been in CS even before it even became a thing. She has been a passionate influencer in the CS world and in this episode of the Launch Station, she talks about:

  1. How setting expectations when onboarding customers sets the tone for better customer partnerships
  2. How accountability makes onboarding easier
  3. How the momentum has to be carried from onboarding through adoption
  4. Whether or not you need to charge for your implementation

… and more.

Bringing order to your
implementation and onboarding chaos.

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