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Rocketlane X Slack: Collaborate from the comfort of Slack

You and your customers can stay on top of project updates and collaborate right from your own Slack accounts.
June 8, 2022
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In a recent Rocketlane survey on the state of customer onboarding, 55% of onboarding professionals said they spent 2-5 hours in a workweek on just follow-ups and reminders. That’s a lot of time to be spending on busywork.

What if you could ease the load for your team while also speeding up the response from your customer’s end? 

Our Slack integration does that by automating communication on project and task status: your team and your customers get notified on their respective Slack accounts about every activity related to their project on Rocketlane. They can also update tasks and reply to conversations right from the Slack notification.

You and your customers can effectively take seamless collaboration with you everywhere you go.

Offer real-time visibility for your customers and your team

Rocketlane’s Slack integration creates a channel with the project name in your customer’s Slack account and one in your team’s Slack. You can choose to create a common channel for your team to be notified of activities across projects or have separate channels for every project.

Your customers will have a channel at their end, with only the users from their team. They will be notified when a task status is changed, a conversation is added, a task is assigned, etc. 

Moreover, all the tasks you’re assigned to and the tasks you’re a part of will show up as DMs on the Rocketlane Slack app. 

Stay updated and collaborate on-the-go

Rocketlane also delivers weekly digests to your Slack, helping your team members stay on top of what's due for the current week, what's overdue, and what's completed.

The integration allows users to update tasks, reply to conversations, add comments, etc., right from the Slack notification message. You or your customers take action on the notifications from within Slack without switching tools, closing tasks faster.

Tasks can also be created directly from any Slack channel or private conversation in a matter of seconds using shortcuts. There are three simple ways you can do this:

  1. Through message shortcuts by clicking on the “More actions” button on any message
  2. Through slash commands by typing “/rocketlane create” on any channel/DM
  3. By clicking the ‘+’ icon below the message field

Click here to learn more about Rocketlane’s Slack shortcuts

Ensure the right level of visibility

Rocketlane ensures your customers don’t see your messy kitchen—they only see what you make visible to them—tasks, files, spaces. Our Slack integration is no different. We extend your settings, so you're always in control of the visibility of tasks and conversations.

Slack notifications on private Rocketlane tasks and conversations remain private—they are sent to your team members only and not your customers. Your customers get notified on shared tasks and conversations.

How is this different from Slack Connect and other Slack integrations for project management?

Slack integrations offered by generic project management tools can be used only for your team while leaving your customers to rely on emails, Excel, or Trello boards. With Rocketlane’s Slack integration, project updates are pushed to the respective customer's Slack channels and your Slack.

In the case of Slack Connect, it allows you to invite your customers to your Slack workspaces so you can keep them updated on project activities. Here are the drawbacks to that:

  1. You still have to manually add every member of your customer to Slack channels in your Slack workspaces.
  2. You have to manually send updates to your Slack channel with the respective customers
  3. You can’t control visibility and end up creating separate channels for internal and customer-facing updates

Now imagine doing all that at scale! With Rocketlane’s Slack integration, you can automate the sharing of project updates directly to each of your customer's Slack channels. You can also automate the creation of separate Slack channels for every project while maintaining the privacy settings you’ve configured within Rocketlane. That’s a lot of hours and energy saved for your team!

Why don’t you take it for a spin?

With Rocketlane’s Slack integration, we are elevating how you collaborate with your customers to achieve desired outcomes efficiently while maintaining a delightful customer experience.

For more on how you can set this integration up, head here.

The integration is available for Premium and Enterprise plans. Get a free trial now!

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