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Learn how Rocketlane's Time Off feature can help with accurate resource planning and resource scheduling.
January 10, 2023
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Aswinchandar M

Assigning resources to projects is never an easy task. It's difficult to determine who is available on your team, and even if you put together a rough roster after consulting with your resourcing teams. You're not one hundred percent sure about their availability for the entire duration of the project. So you go through your HRMS tool to see when people are on leave, and by the time you assemble a team to begin project execution, you’re already fried. 

On top of this, if you later discover that some team members are on vacation or unavailable, you know how challenging those situations can be. You either convince them to work during their time off or scramble through your resource sheets and ping non-project members for help. 

Both options are less than ideal, but between disappointing customers and your team members, the choice seems obvious. Sigh. 

1. Plan your projects more accurately with Rocketlane’s Time Off feature

The good news is you don't have to disappoint anyone anymore. Your team members can now apply for time off right from the comfort of Rocketlane. You don’t need an external tracking application to stay updated or to remind managers and colleagues. A couple of clicks is all it takes.

All project stakeholders are automatically notified (both on Rocketlane and by email), and any individual's time off is synced across time sheets, resource management, tasks, and conversations.

Here’s how Time Off can seamlessly integrate with your workflow on Rocketlane. 

2. Manage your team resources more efficiently 

Time off on Rocketlane is intended to help project owners and team members quickly assess everyone's availability and make optimal work allocation.

When you create a new project on Rocketlane, you will see the vacation icon (a purple boat on waves) next to the names of members who've applied for time off. Hover over the icon and you will see the time period during which they're on leave. This way, you can easily avoid assigning unavailable members to projects and prevent unnecessary hold-ups and disappointments. With Rocketlane, you can confidently plan your resources and run your projects smoothly. 

Note: you can still assign a team member who has marked themselves as off. With the duration of their time off clearly indicated, project managers can make an informed decision and allocate them to projects accordingly.

On a more granular level, you will even be able to see when members are on their time off when you assign a task to them, when you mention them in a conversation thread, or when you tag them in any native Rocketlane document. 

Even if those members happen to enter conversations, you will see the time off icon next to their name, and if you hover over the icon, you will be able to see their leave duration.

Your organization can now save countless hours by manually tracking and managing every individual's time off. 

3. Time tracking and performance reports

What's more, employee time off is also reflected in Rocketlane's timesheets. As a project owner or manager, you get comprehensive visibility into every team member's capacity, time off history, total projects, and tasks they've successfully completed on time, along with delays, if any. This helps leaders accurately track and manage billable hours, see how each team member performs, and turn those insights into decisions that improve project profitability. 

Rocketlane is the one-stop shop for any customer-facing project

Rocketlane's unified project management solution can help you manage customer projects end-to-end, manage team resources, track where all your time is going, measure overall progress, and rapidly accelerate time-to-value. Please don't take our word for it; you have to see it to believe it. 

Try Rocketlane today!

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Rahul Sridhar
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