Saranya Udayamohan

Content Marketer @ Rocketlane

Content crafter at Rocketlane. Curating content to make blogs sparkle. A girl looking to make a difference with her fun and out-of-the-box perspectives.

How to create a project communication plan [free template]
A project communication plan enables smooth project execution. Here's how to create one (plus free template!)
What is a Sales-to-Customer-Success handoff? [+Free Template]
A smooth Sales-to-Customer-Success Handoff is crucial to preventing ruptures in the customer relationship. Here's how to nail it.
How to create a stakeholder register [free template]
What a stakeholder register is, why you need it, and a 100% customizable template
A Guide to perfecting your Sales-to-Service handoff [Free Template]
How your sales-to-service handoff happens sets the tone for your customer onboarding projects. Here's how to nail it (plus free template!)
How to create a project status report [Free Template]
A 100% customizable Project Status Report template to communicate the progress of your project efficiently and effectively. Download now.

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